Research in Games

NJIT is an active research university.  We boast a number of ongoing research projects that involve games in one way or another.  Games are used in research as vehicles for education and rehabilitation as well as foundations for research into new technologies such as virtual, augmented, and mixed realities.  Our game development students are often involved in the ongoing research performed in other departments.  Here are some prominent examples on how games are being used to further faculty research.

Project   Principle Researcher Department
Home Based Virtual Rehabilitation System Using games a vehicle for neuro-motor rehabilitation Dr. Sergei Adamovich Biomedical Engineering

Vision and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Using games to improve vision Dr. Tara Alvarez Biomedical Engineering
Gidget Using games as a way to teach people programming and debugging Dr. Michael Lee Informatics
Qualitative Assessments Using Games to refine qualitative assessments Dr. Yvette Wohn Informatics