About the Programs

Game Development is a multidisciplinary endeavor that requires the collaboration of experts from many fields.  Here at NJIT we have pooled our talents from across the campus to create options for our students who wish to take part in game development.  In collaboration between the Information Technology Division and the School and Art and Design we offer a number of degrees that allow our students to focus their academic careers towards game development from Programming, Production, and Design.  If you are one of the students who can do design and development equally well, dual degree options are available.

Take Courses on:

Game Design Game Production Game Programming
History of Games Game Architecture & Design Modification Programming
3D Character Development Foundations of Game Production 2D Game Engine Programming
Simulated Environments Advanced Game Production 3D Game Engine Programming
Educational Game Design Virtual Reality Design WebGL Programming

Earn the degree from:

Game Design Game Production Game Programming

College of Architecture & Design
School of Art and Design

Ying Wu College of Computer
Information Technology Division

Ying Wu College of Computing
Information Technology Division -or-
Computer Science Department

Bachelor of Arts Digital Design Bachelor of Science Information Technology

Bachelor of Science Information Technology -or-
Bachelor of Science Computer Science

At NJIT we do not offer degrees in "Game Design", "Game Production", or "Game Programming".  Instead we offer tracks from within our existing accredited degree programs.  We do not see value in pigeon-holing our students into one industry sector.  We know the work that goes into creating games is more demanding and sophisticated than other applications of computing and design and want the degree that we award to reflect that.