Game Programming

Our Game Programming Track is run by our Information Technology Division and can be taken by students in the Information Technology Degree or the Computer Science Degree.

Game Programming straddles the line between Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT).  It is one of the most sophisticated applications of computer science.  Our students must learn the fundamentals of computer science and the domain of graphics programming and user interfaces.  This makes the Information Technology degree well suited to house the Game Programming Track.  Students will take courses on programming, algorithms, 2D and 3D graphics, physics simulation, artificial intelligence, user interfaces and many more.

Courses to take:

IT 265 - Game Architecture & Design. Take this during your sophomore Year

IT 266 - Game Modification Programming.  Take this during your sophomore Year

IT 276 - 2D Game Programming.  Take this after Mod

IT 485 - ST: 3D Game Programming.  Take this After Mod, preferably after 2D

IT 485 - ST: Game Artificial Intelligence.  Take this your Junior year

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